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FABtotum Core (2017): Configure yours

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FABtotum Core (2017): Configure yours

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World's First Multipurpose personal Fabricator, Core 2017 version: Print, Mill and Engrave.

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    System Overview

    • Classification Personal Fabricator Core
    • Head : Exchangeable modular heads.
    • Capabilities: Hybrid Manufacturing
    • I/O: Usb Host, Wifi B/g/n, Ethernet
    • Control: Standalone Network 3D Printer
    • Memory: 16GB onboard
    • Size: 366x366x366mm
    • Weight: ~12kg
    • Available Colors: Red,Black,White (Matte Finish)
    • Illumination : LED RGB Ambient light

    3D printing

    click here For a list of optional heads.
    • Volume : Max 214x236x242mm
    • Print Z layer height: 50,100 micrometers
    • Auto bed Leveling : Assisted, Automated
    • Z layer increments : 47 micrometers
    • Print to size-ratio: ~25%
    • Printing Speeds : up to 150mm/s
    • Speeds (rapids) : up to 400mm/s
    • Cooling : Fan/Turbine twin cooling system
    • Heated Bed : Hi-quality Glass Heated Bed (Double-face platform)

    Subtractive Mode (milling,engraving)

    click here For a list of optional heads and accessories.
    • Milling volume : 214x236x[milling bit height] mm
    • Milling Motor : 200W Brushless motor, Automatic RPM correction
    • Fan cooling : Twin fan cooling system
    • Working Plane : Structural Aluminum plate, with Fixtures (Double-face platform)
    • 4th axis : 4 axis chuck: 0.0017 deg/step resolution
    • Illumination : Working area LED,ambient


    • Fabrication Area : Enclosed
    • Safety switches :Front Panel door
    • Overvoltage protection : built-in
    • Homing Endstops : On all 3 Axis
    • Safety Endstops : On all 3 Axis
    • Safety Config : Costumizable from the FAB UI

    Software, Firmware

    • License : Open Source (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
    • Interface : FAB UI, open source web panel no 3D printing software needed
    • FAB UI Compatibility :PC, Mac, Tablet,Smartphones (Responsive web interface)
    • Mods & Plugins :Built in plug-in installer and updater tool
    • Updates : Automatic with internet connectivity (updates are not mandatory)

    Package Content (FABtotum Personal Fabricator Core)

    • FABtotum Personal Fabricator Core
    • Ethernet Cable
    • Power Cord (according to destination)
    • Quick Setup Guide
    • Sample PLA filament (with the purchase of a Printing Head)