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FABtotum Core PRO

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FABtotum Core PRO

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The FABtotum Core PRO is the Made In Italy multifunction that will satisfy all your business needings Join the 3D printing revolution with FABtotum
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1 x Printing Head PRO   +€0.00
1 x Limegreen Minispool   +€0.00

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The FABtotum Core PRO will allow your business to develop projects and prototypes in no time and at almost no cost.

The FABtotum Core is the essential tool to take a project to life. It is reliable, strong, easy to use, Made in Italy.
The FABtotum is a multipurpose tool: a modular 3D printing, 3D milling and laser engraving platform. 3D Print models, cut or CNC Mill metals and woods for rapid prototyping, engrave them or cut paper and cardboard.
The FABtotum allows anyone to explore the endless possibilities of a multipurpose fabrication device.
Resulting from years of experience, the FABtotum Core PRO is built in order to be longlasting and to work continuously: it is meant for a business oriented use; quality and speed are both essential as well as continuous printing and attention to noise levels.
The FABtotum Core PRO is studied to ensure the best experience avoiding wastes, and hasten common mistakes. A total control on the extrusion is allowed by the filament end autopause and the possibility of pausing the task. Another way to use this feature? “Horizontal” multicolor 3D prints.

The package includes:

  • 1x FABtotum Personal Fabricator Core PRO
  • 1x Hybrid Bed V2
  • 1x Printing Head PRO
  • 1x Lime Green Minispool
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power cord (according to nationality)
  • For full FABtotum's specs see: FABtotum CORE