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FABtotum Core

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FABtotum Core

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World's First Multipurpose Personal Fabricator in its latest version, the CORE edition: Print, Mill and Engrave.

This only includes the device's base body (see package content details). Get the tool heads of your choice from the store or use our configurator to pick up everything you need to get you started.

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System Overview

  • Classification Personal Fabricator Core
  • Head : Exchangeable modular heads.
  • Capabilities: Hybrid Manufacturing
  • I/O: Usb Host, Wifi B/g/n, Ethernet
  • Control: Standalone Network 3D Printer
  • Memory: 8GB onboard
  • Size: 366x366x366mm
  • Weight: ~12kg
  • Available Colors: Red,Black,White (Matte Finish)
  • Illumination : LED RGB Ambient light

3D printing (w/ Printing Head

click here For a list of optional heads.
  • Volume : Max 214x236x242mm
  • Print Z layer height: 50,100 micrometers
  • Auto bed Leveling : Assisted, Automated
  • Z layer increments : 47 micrometers
  • Print to size-ratio: ~25%
  • Printing Speeds : up to 150mm/s
  • Speeds (rapids) : up to 400mm/s
  • Cooling : Fan/Turbine twin cooling system
  • Heated Bed : Hi-quality Glass Heated Bed (Double-face platform)

Subtractive Mode (milling,engraving) (w/ Milling Head)

click here For a list of optional heads and accessories.
  • Milling volume : 214x236x[milling bit height] mm
  • Milling Motor : 200W Brushless motor, Automatic RPM correction
  • Fan cooling : Twin fan cooling system
  • Working Plane : Structural Aluminum plate, with Fixtures (Double-face platform)
  • Illumination : Working area LED,ambient
  • Dust Control : printable vacuum tube holder

Laser engraving (w/ Laser Head)

  • ~500mW powered laser beam (3B class)
  • Cuts paper, cardboard
  • Engraves wood, balsa, plastic, PCBs and more


  • Fabrication Area : Enclosed
  • Safety switches :Front Panel door
  • Overvoltage protection : built-in
  • Homing Endstops : On all 3 Axis
  • Safety Endstops : On all 3 Axis
  • Safety Config : Costumizable from the FAB UI

Software, Firmware

  • License : Open Source (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
  • Interface : FABUI Colibri, open source web panel no 3D printing software needed
  • FAB UI Compatibility :PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphones (Responsive web interface)
  • Mods & Plugins :Built in plug-in installer and updater tool
  • Updates : Automatic with internet connectivity (updates are not mandatory)

Package Content (FABtotum Personal Fabricator Core)

  • FABtotum Personal Fabricator Core
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Power Cord (according to destination)
  • Quick Setup Guide