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30 days subscription

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30 days subscription

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30 days subscription to CAM toolbox could service

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Subscription code for CAM toolbox - 30 DAYS. CAM toolbox is a series of services for postprocessing for laser engraving.

Learn More about CAM Toolbox

With CAM toolbox you can prepare Gcode engravings for the laser head directly from your FABtotum. With CAM toolbox you'll able to make:

  • PCB engraving with photosensitive masks (positive and negative) from raster images
  • PCB engraving with photosensitive masks from Vectorial DXF.
  • Cardboard and paper Marking from raster images and DXF
  • Card and paper engraving from raster images
  • Balsa and Wood engraving from raster images
  • Balsa Cutting from DXF
  • Aluminum alloy engraving from raster.
  • Aluminum alloy marking from DXF.
  • Origami-like features with cut and fold lines on paper and cardboard

  • Note: CAM toolbox is a cloud service, therefore It requires an internet connection and a free FABID account. FABtotum needs to be connected to Internet as well.

    Use your code: how to activate a CAM toolbox Licence